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 “Thank you so much for tonight. This group and all the events really are a lifeline for our family xx”


“Thank you so much for all the recent Friends events we've been lucky enough to be a part of.  They really are a lifeline at the moment and have provided some much needed light in an otherwise dark time xx”


“Thank you so much.  I really don't know where our life would be without this beautiful group Xxxxx"


 “Happy New Year all and thank you for all the fantastic events you've organised for us this year xx"


"We love being part of the group, and always feel welcome.  We think you all do an amazing job xxx"


"Fantastic charity.  I work with the young people I bring to these events and as you all know it's a blessing to go somewhere with like-minded people and feel comfortable and let the young people mix and enjoy.  You have my full support xx

It's fantastic what you do for families x"


"Cannot thank you enough for sorting the Radio City Live tickets.  We would never have otherwise gone to such an event and to be honest I was dreading it, but haven't seen Emma that happy in years and even though Dylan had his ear defenders on and was scared at first he had a fab time and made everyone laugh with his twerking. "


“Thank you so ,much for the radio city live tickets first time at a concert he loved it no ear defenders needed.  Result, said he would go again xx"


"Had a lovely time on the santa train today thank you... it's such a lovely group xxx"


"Thanks for letting us be part of group, we love all you do.

Thanks for today we have a fab time xx"


"Thank you Melanie Battye we've had a super weekend with the sensory centre & the swimming today! The boys have really enjoyed themselves & it was lovely talking to some of the mums, knowing that you are not on your own when it comes to your children's needs :)"

Parents comments...


 “Thank u Paula Jones for organising this event! The boys loved it even though I had to jump to get Kenan on. At least I got him on & he did then enjoy it.  It’s a very slow progress with him but small steps are better then big ones  xxx”


“Aiden had a great time at fun & floats - he's improving his coping skills with each experience. Thanks guys x”


“Thank you so much for today, it was great to finally be away from hospital and actually attend an event that we had booked on too! Several people stopped me to ask how charlotte was and this meant a lot! Thank you again xxx”


“Thanks for Chitty today it was great to go something as a family x

Had such a lovely day .We all thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you to the friends group you are amazing”