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The safety and wellbeing of children is a top priority for all members of Friends.   This policy outlines our commitment to the responsibility of safeguard & the protection of children.


The Purpose of the Policy


Although the group is parent lead we acknowledge the need for a child protection policy.  The policy provides protection for the children whom are particularly vulnerable on account of their disability for example non-verbal children will be unable to communicate comprehensively.


It will also provide parents & carers with guidance on good practice & procedures when working with young children & encourage a safeguarding culture within the group.




The groups aim is to have fun as a family & as a group whilst offering support to each other & keeping safe.


We will endeavour to safeguard young children by:-


Valuing them, listening to them & respect them


Encourage a culture of awareness amongst all attendees


Ensure Parents/Carers attend events with their children.  The children are the responsibility of their parent/carer at all times, & should not be left unattended or allowed to wander out of sight.


If a Parent cannot attend an event & a carer attends in their place, the carer should either be a close family member, or an employed carer (an employed carer in this instance will be a person employed through the direct payments scheme ran by the Local Authority, & therefore these individuals will already hold a relevant CRB check.


Friends does not currently have any volunteers outside of the family members.  However, if the group should gain volunteers in the future an enhanced CRB check will need to be carried out & reviewed every 3 years in line with current legislation.


Confidentiality is a key issue, particularly where children are concerned.  Whilst parents offer details of their child’s disability within the group, this information must not be passed on by anybody other than the parent carer.  (The only exception to this would be outside agencies where necessary i.e. in an emergency situation).


Addresses & telephone numbers should not be given out without prior permission.


Consent forms have been signed authorising group to take photos for onward use to our sponsors/funders these forms are contained within the members pack.


Friends have an appointed Child Safety Officer, who has the appropriate training in child protection issues.  Any concerns regarding a child’s safety must be reported to the Child Safety Officer.


Member of the club should not promise children that any allegations will remain a secret.


In the event of a concern received the Child Safety Officer should:-


              1. Listen to the individual

              2.  Offer reassurance

              3.  Don’t interrupt

              4.  Don’t overreact

              5.  Explain clearly what you have to do & whom you have to tell

              6.  Do not question or interrogate the individual

              7.  Record the discussion as accurately as possible, this should be dated & signed by the

                   Child Safety Officer

              8.  The information should be passed onto the relevant bodies in the strictest of confidence.


Children should travel safely in cars, using seat belts & car seats at all times.


In the instance of a coach/mini bus being used for transport a reputable Company should be used & for longer journeys the coach must contain a toilet, to maintain comfort & dignity of all the children on board – this is particularly important as some of the children within the club have continence issues.


Any equipment such as wheel chairs and buggies must be secured when travelling, either in the boot of the car or in the hold of the coach.


When on the coach a Committee member will assume responsibility for headcounts to & from the journey’s destination


Parents should not take other young children on car journeys unless parental consent is given.


Friends has several appointed first aiders, and a first aid kit is available on all trips & its contents need to be checked & replaced on a periodically basis.  Any other forms of medication provided should be given to the child by the Parent/Carer.  All medication should be kept out of the reach of children.


A first aider should be available on every trip


Any child that needs lifting & handling should only be moved by Parent/Carer whom have received the appropriate training.  This is to maintain safety, comfort & dignity of the child as well as the safety of the adult.


Friends currently hold Public Liability Insurance, which is to be renewed on an annual basis.


This policy should be reviewed annually, prior to the AGM & revised accordingly including any updates to legislation.

Please read the Safeguarding Policy below which outlines our commitment to the responsibility of safeguard & the protection of children.


There are downloadable copies to the left for:

Safeguarding - Child Protection Policy

Complaints Policy

Friends Child Registration Form (pdf & Word versions)

Friends Code of Conduct (pdf & Word versions)

Registration Form (pdf) Safeguarding Policy Complaints Policy Registration Form (word) Code of Conduct (pdf) Code of Conduct (word)